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CNET: The Robots of CES 2018: Cuteness Reigns Supreme, But We Saw the Foundation for Substantial Innovation

At first, I was annoyed with all of the buzz generated by Sony's Aibo. I dismissed Aibo as just a robot dog, and worse, a robot dog we've seen before -- Sony's original robot pet went on sale in 1999. But as cute dogs tend to do, Aibo eventually won me over. Sony's revamped dog packs a lot of cool tech into an undeniably adorable body.

Aibo uses more than 4,000 parts to act lifelike. It has a camera on its nose to identify family members and another near its tail to help it map your home. You can pet it on the head, back, and under its chin and it'll respond affectionately, and all those parts also allow it to move fluidly with the energy of a puppy.

Nevertheless, I was annoyed by Aibo because it's a toy first and foremost, and at CES 2018, we saw robots that can be so much more than that. Some of the robots are ready for consumers now, or will be in the near future. Others are still a long way off. Some were concepts that'll never be consumer products -- they're meant simply to test the boundaries of what's possible. Here are the highlights of the robots we saw, and what they can do.