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TiTAN Platform Launches ‘Beyond OTT’ Set-Top Device In U.S. and Asia

Titan Platform, a 5-year-old Korea-based company, is entering the crowded U.S. streaming video market today with what it calls a “beyond-OTT” set-top device, which will also be available in China, Singapore and South Korea. Essentially a souped-up version of streaming boxes and dongles offered by Roku, Apple, Google and Amazon, the Titan Core is designed to combine video viewing with smart-home controls (climate control, security, appliances, etc.), enhanced encryption and e-commerce. The Core 5, described as a “prosumer” version of the device, caters to production companies, ad agencies and other professional-level users. Accordingly, it sells for $599. A consumer version planned for later this year, the Core 6 Basic, has fewer bells and whistles but will retail for less than $200, the company says.

TiTAN Platform Launches ‘Unifying’ Content Hub in US

TiTAN Platform, a smart content and device firm led in the US by former Endemol Shine executive Adrian Sexton, has launched a transactional content platform in the US for the first time, securing deals with Vubiquity and TV4 Entertainment in the process.

The TiTAN Play service allows content owners and creators to upload SVOD channels directly into the home.

The deals with content aggregator Vubiquity and online channels operator TV4 means TiTAN users will have access to libraries of premium content that includes Hollywood blockbusters and indie films; and access to TV4’s niche-based OTT channels and original productions.

Tomorrow Will Be Televised Thou Shalt Not/Titan Core Smart TV Tech Episode

The program all about TV. Our guests: Jubba Seyyid, senior director of programming and production at TV One, discussing the new true crime series Thou Shalt Not (which debuts tonight), and Adrian Sexton, chief executive officer of Titan Platform, a new technology player in the smart TV set/TV-connected device marketplace. Plus the latest on tropical storm Irma and a round one Primetime Emmy Awards recap. Listen here!